Winner of the Indie Film Chart Best Actress Award – Liz Carroll as Annie Tyler


Available on Amazon Prime – The Match – The Annie Tyler Story

“Love the hand that fate deals you and play it as your own, for what could be more fitting?”

From the makers of the award winning “Stranded” and “Tolerance”, Workbench Productions present their first feature length film. This hard-hitting documentary follows a group of professional athletes and their loyal fans, as they navigate one of the most turbulent years in the sports’ history. Following the controversial and life-changing decision that Gemma “The Axe” Thraxstead made to embrace a new training technique and abandon legendary coach Annie Tyler, this underground sporting world was thrown into chaos. Old meets new, friendships are pushed to their limits and the fundamentals of the sport are tested to their extremes.

For the first time ever, we see behind the scenes of what happened in 2014 – with never before seen footage, we follow the major players involved in the World Championship revival. The documentary makers’ exclusive access allows us to show what happens when people go to extraordinary lengths to become the best in their field. Where excellence isn’t just an achievement, but a state of mind.

When a world is shaken by change and modernisation is knocking at the door – is it a case of Adapt or Die? Or should you stick to your roots, and never forget where you came from and who made you who you are?

Bold statements. Grand gestures. Big Hearts.

The Match - Film Poster


Production Completed in August 2018

Director: Aidan Moran

Producer: Kate Shaw

Cinematography : Martin Noble, Rik Eke

Original Story Concept: Aidan Moran, Martin Noble, Rik Eke, Heather Noble

Story: Aidan Moran, Kate Shaw

Script: Kate Shaw

Dan Clarke

Chad ‘The Chaser‘ Martel

Tony Travis

Godfrey Williamson

Shi Sur

Amanda Hodges

Matt Drury

Darren Hodges

Emma Wyvern

Belinda “The Reader” Broadchurch

Dean Stephenson

Luke “Vortex” Simmons

Dec Moran

Jimmy “The Deck” Thompson

Kate Shaw

Gemma “The Axe” Thraxstead

Owen Goode

Nigel Harringay

Bethan Perkins

Ophelia “The Claw” Peterson

Liz Carroll

Annie Tylor

Alex McCubbin

Greg Rogers

Kevin Copping

Rupert Bryce-Hastings

Stuart McCubbin

Stanley Knight

Ali Carroll

Rita Lang

Laura Barnes

Susan McGuirk

Gareth Saunders

Alasdair Hopkins